Coast Watch Alliance volunteers Ashley Ridout, Alex Fogg, and Brian Asher brought the lionfish invasion to the Baltimore Inner Harbor on January 19th and 20th at the 2018 Baltimore / DC Dive Show. The two day event featured an hour long presentation on "Recreational Reef Management's Role in Mitigating the Environmental Impact of Invasive Lionfish" and demonstrations on hunting, handling, and filleting lionfish. Hundreds of participants visited the Coast Watch booth over the two day event to learn about invasive lionfish, dine on lionfish ceviche, and support Coast Watch's missions in the Gulf of Mexico.

"The interest and support from the Mid-Atlantic diving community continues to be amazing," says Ashley Ridout, the Executive Director of Coast Watch Alliance. "Brian, Alex, and I are all natives of the region so these are 'our people'. It's rewarding to see so many divers wanting to contribute to the lionfish cause."

Coast Watch Alliance would like to thank the following individuals for making our attendance at the Baltimore / DC Dive Show a success:

  • Brian Miller and Brad Nolan of US Dive Shows

  • Dr. Steve Gittings of NOAA

  • Rich King of Delaware Surf Fishing

  • Katherine Klosek

  • Darryll, Jason, Luke, Matt, Diane, and Jess of SCUBA World in Dover, Delaware


Through the promotion of sustainable practices, Coast Watch Alliance works to bring business leaders and the public together to achieve a balance between responsible use and conservation of the natural resources we share.  Coast Watch Alliance was founded by conservation-minded executives in the technology and environmental science fields.  We believe that sound, science-based environmental practices do not have to be at odds with economic growth and development.


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